Pun Dulce is a Chicago-based design studio specializing in stationery that connects people across the country or across the street. Our stationery & paper goods represent duality: dual languages & dual cultures, because where we came from is just as important as where we are now.

The special moments in your life should have special elements. From your wedding day to moments of gratitude, our stationery will help you communicate all that you want to say. From custom suites to thank-you card sets, we’re ready to help spread that love.

The name "Pun Dulce" comes from two things close to Gabriela: pan dulce, which is the name for the Mexican sweetbread of her upbringing, and of course, puns. Give your loved ones a taste of Pun Dulce, they deserve it.


Gabriela loves bringing people together. “I love love” is her mantra, and she will lend her creative talents and big heart to ensure that your stationery flawless and to deliver your personalized stationery that perfectly embodies “you”.

Creative, detailed, & personalized are all aspirations for Gabriela’s work. Inspired by her parents’ skills as a seamstress and a worker in home construction, Gabriela has always loved and taken pride in working with her hands and making a lot out of a little. She energetically shares those special, little details with the people in her life, whether it’s a close friend or a new acquaintance.

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